Zambia: RBF results by region


Received payments

Entity classQuarter II 2014Quarter I 2014Quarter IV 2013Quarter III 2013
Health Facilities8,412,948.17 7,554,754.30 7,011,148.97 6,394,446.47
Administrative Entities332,407.28 315,258.00 311,777.25 294,305.08

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Critical Deadlines_Receipt of RBF Invoice to Payment of Incentives

It is imperative that dates proposed for the submission of reports should be strictly adhered to so that the  RBF project can operate smoothly and so that payments can be made promptly. Prompt payment of the  incentives for the RBF is dependent on the timely submission of data. A delay…

Definition of Health Facility RBF Indicators

Performance Indicators

The Zambia RBF model is a “Fee for Service” model that is initially targeting 9 key health facility indicators found in the HMIS and deemed as critical in improving maternal…